Spicy and Sweet Trail Mix




One batch of Mojo’s caramel corn mix (about 10 cups) 

2 cups of mixed nuts 

2 cups of dried fruit 

1 tsp salt


Pop the corn.

In a bowl mix nuts and popcorn 

Chop any larger sized dried fruit to a roughly uniform size and set aside

Make the caramel sauce  

Pour hot caramel sauce over popcorn and nut mixture and stir to coat evenly.  Do this quickly to ensure even coverage of caramel sauce on all the ingredients

Spread popcorn and nut mixture out on a sheet pan to cool 

After mixture is cooled, break up any large clumps of popcorn and nuts and mix in dried fruit

Sprinkle with salt 

Serve and enjoy or bag up for snacking later.  


For the Carmel Corn


Popcorn  1 cup (about 10 cups popped) 

Brown Sugar 1 cup (packed)

Butter 1 cup 

Mojo’s 3C’s hot sauce 6tsp (for spicier sauce sub 1 tsp Spooky Pumpkin sauce for 1 tsp 3C)

Baking soda 1 tsp.  



Pop the corn first and set aside.  I suggest spreading the popcorn out on a sheet pan and keeping it in the oven on warm until the caramel sauce is ready to pour over.  

Melt butter in a sauce pot; do this at lower heat.  When the butter is melted add the hot sauce and stir to completely mix.  Do not boil.

Add the brown sugar to the butter/hot sauce mixture and put on medium heat.  Stir until the brown sugar is completely dissolved.  Bring to a boil and allow to boil without stirring for 5 minutes. 

Stir in the baking soda after the mixture has boiled for 5 min.  This will foam a little and might change the color a bit.  The addition of the baking soda will cause a chemical reaction that will make the sauce lighter for coating the popcorn.  

Remove mixture from heat. Put popcorn in a bowl, do not overfill the bowl, it is better to use two half full bowls than one full bowl.  Pour the still hot caramel sauce over the popcorn and stir well.  The sauce will stick and coat well if the caramel sauce is hot from the stove, so be careful and DO NOT MIX BY HAND, use a silicone spatula or a large spoon.   


Spread caramel corn out on the baking sheet to cool.  Break up any large clumps of caramel corn. 

Serve right away, or bag it up for later snacking.  

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