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At Mojo’s our customers have been asking us recently about the sodium and sugar contents of our sauces. In response we have created nutritional labels for each of our sauces which can now be found here on our website! In addition, we have provided pictures of the nutritional labels of some other big brand sauces for you to compare it to.

Take a peek! I think you will be pleasantly surprised!


Mojos Sauce’s contain between 15- 30 mg of sodium per serving, with the average sauce containing about 25 mg/ serving.

That’s about 1% of your daily recommended intake.


Now compare that to Huy Fong Sriracha - at 80mg or 3% of the daily recommended intake  OR Cholula with 110 mg or 4% of the recommended daily allowance!



Think that’s high?

Every teaspoon of Frank’s Red Hot contains 200 mg or 8% of your daily recommended allowance of sodium! And really ......who eats only 1 teaspoon of hot sauce on their wings?


 Now don’t get me wrong- I love Franks on my hot wings! But honestly, I probably eat about 1 ½ - 2 ounces of sauce if I eat a dozen wings. That would mean I’m eating 96% of my sodium intake just with those wings. That doesn’t leave much for the pizza!

More About our Nutritional Labels:

You may notice that none of the sauces listed contain detailed information about sugar levels. This is partly because the serving size is so small, and in the case of Mojos Sauce’s the only added sugar we use is a small amount in our pickled pepper brine, which is then used in our sauces. 

Some of our base ingredients such as beets may contain more natural sugars than others, like squash, but again, this would be in very small quantities.

Mojos does not use any potential allergens in its sauces such as soy, wheat, eggs, dairy, or nuts. Our ‘Into the Blue’ hot sauce does contain honey, but none of the other sauces contain any animal products.

Mojos also refrains from using additives such as emulsifiers, coloring agents, or flavoring agents in our products. The naturally-derived citric acid in our sauces helps raise the acidity level of our vegetable and fruit-based products ensuring they are safe and shelf-stable for our customers.

Mojos has created these nutritional labels to give our customers a reference and comparison to other hot sauce brands. If you have any further questions, please contact us at:







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  • Tim on

    This is great information. We ingest as little as possible of any products containing chemicals, try to keep the sugar down, and, by the way, we love your hot sauce. Your presentation is well done and of value to anyone who cares about what goes in, or on, their food. Thank you!

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