Weavers Farm Market

Supporting Organic and Locally sourced goods is on the top of the list for Daniel Weaver and his family who operate a gracious 4,000 square foot Amish food and retail shop which Mojo’s Sauce is excited to collaborate with!

Located at 1272 East Side Road in Morris NY his family store offers organic produce from their farm, as well at least 45 other local producers supplying free range eggs, cheeses, meats and more! Baked goods are available from local Amish producers at Pathfinder Village and Gilbertsville as well as a variety of frozen items and dry goods filling the shelves from local manufactures such as Mojo’s Sauce! Amish furniture, crafts, hanging baskets, plants and flowers are also available on a seasonal basis.

Customers from over 44 states (and even multiple countries) have visited this lovely country store, as you can see by the pins they have placed on the map inside the front door as you first arrive! Much of the business has relied on the traffic from Rt23, which usually sees around 2-3 thousand travelers a day in the summer season as visitors stop at the local wineries and shops on their way to Cooperstown. Personally, I think it must be the service that brings them back though! Everyone is friendly, welcoming, and easy to speak with. Daniel says, “For all our customers, we focus on service, cleanliness, & quality of product at a fair price”. I also noticed on my last visit that the store is making the recommended health accommodations for COVID-19 including wearing masks, the availability of sanitation stations, and encouraging social distancing best practices.

The store is operated by Daniel and his family; his wife Iva, his daughters Abigail, Ruth Ann, and Julia and his sons Jason, and Michael (who also helps manage the farm operations). They traveled here from Holmes County, Ohio which held the largest population of Amish at that time and were welcomed into Morris by a community group of around 100 people who gathered in the summer of 2017 at the Zion Church Parish Hall. Since that time, they have been able to grow from a small produce stand into a full-service store with the support of community and they continue to be grateful for it. As Daniel says: “It’s all about appreciating our customers and taking care of them, with an emphasis on local and on quality”

In concert with traditional Amish culture Weavers Market does not have an email or website. However, if you have questions you can call at: 607-263-2030. Directions are also easily found on Google.

Store Hours:
Sunday-Monday                                               closed
Tuesday, Wednesday& Saturday               9am -5pm
Thursday & Friday                                            9am- 6pm


Thanks Weavers for making Organics an integral part of your operation and by helping support Local small business!

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