Celebrating Cinco De Mayo with Mojo's Sauce!

What is Cinco de Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo commemorates the 1861 battle of Puebla fought during the French-Mexican War. 

The invading French army marched on the city of Puebla de Los Angeles with 6,000 French soldiers against 2,000 Loyal Mexicans, including many members of  indigenous heritage.  The battle lasted from dawn till dusk, with the defending Mexicans killing 5 Frenchmen for every Mexican.  Mexican President Benito Juarez, a member of the indigenous Zapotec tribe and Texas born General Ignacio Zaragoza led the defense of Puebla and are celebrated figures in Mexican history.  

In the 1960's activists working in support of indigenous Mexicans popularized the commemoration of Cinco de Mayo, identifying with the strong roles of President Juarez and brave indigenous defenders. 

Parades, music, dancing and preparing traditional foods are all ways that communities across North America celebrate this important day. 

Poblano peppers and mole sauce are widely featured in dishes prepared for Cinco de Mayo making Mojo's Going Green Hot Sauce and Mojo's 3C's Hot Sauce, and Mojo's Smokin Hot Heirloom Hot Sauce the perfect flavors for enlivening the celebrations.  

Check out ALL our Amazing Recipes to help celebrate the day!

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Have a Happy and Delicious Cinco de Mayo!

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