Into the Blue Hot Sauce
Mojo's Sauce

Into the Blue Hot Sauce

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Heat level: Medium

Size: 5 oz.


Description: If you could bottle Summer this would be it! Organic, Locally Grown Blueberries are blended with Mojo's Special Pickled Pepper Blend, Thyme, Nutmeg, and Organic Lemon Juice and a touch of Local Organic Honey to create a Gluten Free sauce that lifts you up into the blue sky of Summer.

Tastes great with/ Serve with:  Best as a Fresh Garden Salad Dressing with a little olive oil! Spice up your Maple Breakfast Sausage and Berry Waffles! use as a Finishing Sauce on Roasted Lamb, Venison or Poultry! Great on a Turkey Club Sandwich too!