April 12th is National Grilled Cheese Day!

Grilled Cheese Sandwich – 3ways

Grilled Cheese! A traditional favorite with young and old- what a classic!
I adore Grilled Cheese, and I’ll happily indulge in a White Bread & American cheese diner-style anytime! In Honor of National Grilled Cheese Day however, I decided to up-my-game. Here are 3 creations that I tried and really liked!
  1. Chicken and Cheddar on Sourdough

-Serve with a side of Sesame Slaw


Sandwich Ingredients:  

Pulled cooked Chicken- about 1-1½ oz/ sandwich – tossed with-

1-2 teaspoons Sunshine Carrot Hot Sauce

Sourdough Bread- 2 slices/ sando

1-1 ½ T. Butter

1oz Cheddar cheese (sliced or grated)

1oz Monterey- Jack Cheese (sliced or grated)


Quick Sesame Slaw

1bag slaw mix with Red & Green Cabbage

Few ounces Shredded Carrots (these often come in the cabbage mix & are also sold separately if you want extra)

1 yellow or red Bell Pepper sliced thinly

3 Scallions- Sliced thinly

Sesame Vinaigrette made by whisking together 1T. each:  olive oil, soy sauce, sesame oil, & 1t. vinegar and honey. 




  1. Bacon, Arugula, Tomato and Fontina on a Baguette

-Use Mojo’s Beets Me! Hot Sauce

-Serve with a side of Sweet Potato Fries

Sandwich Ingredients:  

3 strips of crispy cooked bacon/ sandwich

2 large slices of Fresh Heirloom Tomato/ Sandwich

Handful of fresh Arugula (about 1/2oz)/ sandwich

1 teaspoon Beets Me Hot Sauce

2-3 slices of Fresh Mozzarella (about1-2oz)

Fontina Cheese – grated (about ½ oz)

¼ Baguette – sliced in ½

(TIP:  A. Toss the Arugula and Tomato with the Beets me Sauce before assembling the sandwich!

  1. Heat this sandwich in the oven at 400 degrees for about ... minutes- make a little boat of aluminum foil to keep it together or use an individual sized Corning ware dish- this is even better on the Grill!)




  1. Apple and Brie on Whole Wheat

-Use with Mojo’s Spooky Pumpkin or Harvest Pumpkin

-Serve with a Cranberry Walnut Mixed Salad

Sandwich Ingredients:  

Apple Slices- about 5-6/ sandwich- toss with-

½ teaspoon Harvest or Spooky Pumpkin Hot Sauce

Brie Cheese- Sliced (about 2oz./ sandwich)

2 slices Whole Wheat Bread

  • ½ T. Butter


Salad Ingredients:

4oz Mixed Greens / salad

1T. dried Cranberries

1/2T. Toasted Walnuts

Make a quick dressing by whisking together 1T. Olive Oil and 1T. Harvest Pumpkin Hot Sauce



Did you make any fun Grilled Cheese creations with Mojo’s Sauce this year? Let us know what your favorite combo were!

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