May 11th is National Eat What You Want Day!



Today we are having our favorite breakfast: Chili Cheese topped Roasted Potatoes with a Duck Egg, Avocado, and Smokin' Hot Heirloom Hot Sauce!
What would you eat today if there where no restrictions, no consequences, no limits?
Today is your lucky day- cause that’s what this Food Holiday is all about- celebrating those amazing foods that you love but don’t eat as often as you like. I can’t guarantee they won’t have any calories, and just because it’s a holiday doesn’t take away allergies.... but today is the day to grab the Lactaid and Tums, forget that you might have to spend more time in the gym tomorrow- and just live in the moment!
I found this list to share with you of the TOP 10 foods that people said they would like to chow down on today! I must say- I Agree!!


#1: Pizza (13%)

#2: Pasta (12%)

#3: Burgers (11%)

#4: Ice cream (11%)

#5: Tacos or burritos (9%)

#6: Chocolate (9%)

#7: French fries (9%)

#8: Donuts (7%)

#9: Cake (6%)

#10: Chips (5%)  *

But it’s not just about Junk Food- today is the day to have Breakfast for Dinner, or whip up a childhood favorite you haven’t had in ages, or splurge on some take-out! Have Ice Cream on your Waffles or dip your chicken nuggets in your glass of Coke without fear of judgment.
What’s your favorite food to feast on? Are there any bizarre foods that you like and have been told your crazy for eating?
Send us a picture on Facebook or Instagram of you chowing down on your favorite food!
Or give us a shout below!
And Whatever you eat today- don’t forget the Mojo’s!!



(* Information gathered from the following resources:– Data gathered by a top Vancouver Marketing Agency)

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