Mojo Chicken

Mojo Chicken

This Cuban style marinade is great on chicken but also very tasty on pork!



1             ea.         Orange, juiced and zested
1             ea.         Lemon, juiced and zested
1             ea.         Lime, juiced and zested
8             ea.         Garlic cloves
½            c.            olive oil
¼            bu.         Parsley, rough chopped
3             T.            Mojo’s Going Green hot sauce
¼            t.            Salt
Pinch                    Black Pepper
4             ea.         Boneless skin on chicken breast



Puree everything except the chicken in blender.
Put chicken and marinade in a zipper bag or vac bag. Seal.
Marinate at least four hours.
Cook in a sous vide @ 150 for 1 hour.
Sear in a hot cast iron pan.
We served it with a jicama slaw

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